What Is Cloud Computing And What Can You Do With It

In the cloudThe most effective and common way to store your work is using your own computer, but those files and programs are only available on the computer you stored them. For those who wants to reach those files somewhere else has a problem because they are not available. You can solve this by connecting different computers in a network.

Cloud computing or in the cloud, you can compare with a network. In a network you can store the files on a server which makes it possible to reach them on different computers in the same network. Using cloud computing the files and programs are stored online on a secure place and accessable anywhere as long there is an internet connection. You pick the necessary information just from the air, that’s why the term cloud is used. Here you can check or edit fast a document without any problem, anytime and anywhere you can access your data. This way of working is increasing the productivity because you can work anytime and any place. If there is WiFi available, you can also access the files with a smart phone or tablet. Using the cloud you don’t need to purchase or extend licenses anymore, because the software is no longer installed on your computer. Without additional costs are the latest software available.

There is a platform called PaaS (Cloud Platform as a Service) for personal use, here you can store data such as photos, videos, music and other documents. Dropbox is a free cloud service to store files online. A big advantage is that your files has a back-up automatically, this is very useful for people who forget this frequently.

In the cloud is a service to store files online which are available at the moment you need them, and you can share the file in public or with a certain person, the only thing what you need is an Internet connection.

Advantages of cloud computing

  • Cloud computing has the advantage that you don’t need disk space to store your files, it will be done online.
  • It is much safer because your files are stored on a secured place.
  • The most important advantage is that you can access your files anywhere and anytime which will increase the mobility.
  • It is much cheaper.

The disadvantages

  • If you’re on a place without internet connection you can’t reach your files. It’s not possible to check or edit your files without internet.
  • Sometimes the network is too slow or inaccessible. Sometimes it cost a lot of time for uploading and downloading files.
  • Working in the cloud makes you dependent on another network.
  • You give your personal information to somebody else.

Google, Microsoft and Adobe offering an online service to create, edit and store online. Google Docs, Microsoft Office362 and Acrobat.com provides an online office suite for creating documents, spreadsheets, drawings or presentations. Spotify is a music service in the cloud, through this additional service you can enjoy music of your own choise everywhere and anytime.




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