Which eReader I Should Choose

You’re looking for an eReader but you don’t know which one to buy, maybe this article will help you a little. First of all, what is an eReader? An eReader is a simple device that you can read digital books. It has only a screen and few buttons. We can arrange eReader in 2 types: eReader with eink screen and with lcd screen.


How To Make My Computer Faster

Check for viruses and spyware

Malware and spyware are known to slow down the computer immense. You can get malware or spyware by downloading hacked programs and by opening an email that contains a virus. Depending on the type of malicious software is removing  a difficult task.


Few Steps To Secure Your WiFi Network

You bought a router, plug it in and internet works. Nice and easy, no settings, no hassle with terms which you don’t understand, it just works. But really, this method is obviously not safe. This provides great open networks, just look in a random street with your laptop for wireless access and you have great chance that you can use multiple networks.


What is MiFi And How It Works

The MiFi is a portable wireless box which runs on a battery or the included AC adapter. It is very small and you don’t need to search for a WiFi or Internet cafe. If you’re often abroad and you need a stable internet, or mobile data connection, MiFi is very convenient.


What Is Bluetooth

Everybody is talking about it, what is Bluetooth? Maybe it is a replacement for the data cable but there is already WiFi, so why do we need Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a wireless system, which is actually the successor of the infrared. With infrared you had to face the devices to each other and the transfer was very slow