Open Source Software for webshop

If you plan to start your own webshop it doesn’t mean that it will be a big investment. On the internet are many free to download open source software. The great thing is that the OS developed by anyone and everyone. Some things you think about before you download a free OS software for a webshop. A disadvantage of open source packages is that you do not receive direct support.


List of free website builders

If your interested in building a website you need software to create a website. I made a list of software to build a website including the features. To use this software you need a web space to create a website. The most experience i have with Wordpress and its one of the most  commonly used open source software.


Build a website for newbies

How do you start a Web site?

Before I start, I will first explain the difference  between the website and home page. Many people have the fact that they have created a homepage, but actually this  term is wrong. Homepage is actually the “front page” of your website. This  page is where the visitors enter your website. Mostly they call it index.html.  This page you use to start. All the other pages that you create is best to end with *. htm.