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How To Install Windows 8 On A Virtual Machine

Windows 8 VirtualboxWindows 8 Consumer Preview is available for download, it is only a temporary test version of Windows 8. Maybe you’re interested to try to Windows 8 and don’t want to uninstall your recent Windows or Linux operating system. It is possible to run the Windows 8 Preview version on a virtual computer. With the test version you have the chance to get bugs or crashes and beside this the Windows 8 version is only for temporary use, after a while it’s no longer usable. So if you prefer to keep your existing Windows or Linux operating system you can try to use a virtual computer.


How To Add Emoticons / Smileys In Gmail

Gmail has a feature to activate some extra emoticons which can be very useful to show your emotions into an email message to make it more powerful. It’s a very nice utility to show emotions so the email doesnt look too simple or business minded. Some people overuse those emoticons to put them between some text, such as the lol and rofl. EmotionsĀ are very nice to use and there are many available. For those who are interested in using emoticons I will explain how to make them available in Gmail.