How To Protect Your Computer Against Malware

Malware means malicious software and it’s the term for malicious software. Malware can infect the system and attract other malware, turn off the virus scanner and the firewall, make the computer or internet connection slower, crashes the BSOD (Blue Screen Of death). Consequences of malware are the annoying pop-ups, toolbars and the modified homepage, called browser hijackers.


10 ways To Download Free Anti Spyware Software

In the past it was only viruses who wants to attack our computers, but nowadays 80 to 90% of the computers are affected by spyware, adware, worms etc. Spyware can do unwanted things like: changing start page of your browser, install search bars in web browsers, many advertising pop-ups or add unwanted favorites.


How To Use CCleaner 3.15 To Clean The PC

By using software and the Internet you get more and more unnecessary files on your hard disk.  By browsing the Internet your hard disk is getting full because of the cookies and the visit pages will be caches. All unwanted files can be removed from the computer using the free software CCleaner.