5 Alternatives For Chrome, Chromium Browsers

ChromiumGoogle Chrome is still getting more market share and they deserve that, but there are advantages and disadvantage. The Privacy Policy is a problem for many internet users, also a discussion is the unique Google ID that they send together with every Chrome user. But there are also alternatives for Chrome with almost the same advantages, such as the speed, without using the disadvantages.


Seamonkey Free Software Including Browser, HTML Editor, Email And IRC Client

Seamonkey logoSeamonkey, before called Mozilla Suite, is an Open Source total package of the Mozilla Foundation. This complete package includes a mail and news program, HTML editor, IRC client and a browser. Actually, Mozilla Suite brought back the good things from Netscape. Later on came Firefox, Thunderbird and Kompozer. The SeaMonkey package contains all the components.


Which Browser Is The Best To Choose

With a browser you can navigate the web and allows you to show web pages. There are many web browsers in the circulation, and maybe you’re thinking what web browser to use. In Windows comes Internet Explorer as default browser but there are many more, at least you should also try some others.
The reason to choose another browser is the speed, some browsers are than faster others.