Can I Earn Money Online?

Yes you can! There are many ways to make money on the internet. But don’t think you become rich while sleeping, everyone has to work for money, not fall asleep and get rich. There are so many websites that promise you being rich by buying a package worth about $25. You basically buy a package worthless piece of crap with   all smelly air. So forget about making money through this way, but there are really possibilities on the web to earn money.


How to make your signal stronger for your Smart Bro, Globe Tattoo and Sun usb modem

Portable usb modems are easy to use anywhere you are.  Smart Telecom, Globe Telecom, and Sun Telecom offering broadband plug-it modems. You can plug it in the usb port of your laptop or desktop, install the software and you have  an internet connection. Those modems are using the wireless 3G or UMTS technology. The Philippines is one of the first countries in Southeast Asia starting with this technology thanks to the 7100 islands.


Open Source Software for webshop

If you plan to start your own webshop it doesn’t mean that it will be a big investment. On the internet are many free to download open source software. The great thing is that the OS developed by anyone and everyone. Some things you think about before you download a free OS software for a webshop. A disadvantage of open source packages is that you do not receive direct support.


List of free website builders

If your interested in building a website you need software to create a website. I made a list of software to build a website including the features. To use this software you need a web space to create a website. The most experience i have with Wordpress and its one of the most  commonly used open source software.


Build a website for newbies

How do you start a Web site?

Before I start, I will first explain the difference  between the website and home page. Many people have the fact that they have created a homepage, but actually this  term is wrong. Homepage is actually the “front page” of your website. This  page is where the visitors enter your website. Mostly they call it index.html.  This page you use to start. All the other pages that you create is best to end with *. htm.


What is a tag?

A tag is nothing more than a keyword. Those are words to find sites faster for visitors and search engines . So you give an article tags  for the user. At the end of this article you can see how many tags this topic had. I show this on my blog so everybody can find quickly other articles on the blog with the same tag. So more information on the same subject. Tags make it easier for search engines, can often easily find articles with the proper tags / keywords.


what is SEO search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, what is it?

Search engine optimization is a website optimization  that aims to obtain high positions in the unpaid results on Google for your relevant keywords. High rankings in Google, first page in Google, cause more visitors to your website, to more leads and ultimately more customers.


Free internet browsing with Globe Tattoo prepaid usb modem using Ultrasurf


This is for Globe usb modem users who don’t have a fast internet connection. You can make your internet connection faster and also free if you use a proxy server. I will explain here step by step what you have to do. First of all make sure you use  an old sim card in your usb modem with a 1 peso load. now open your Globe Tattoo and go to Tools – Options – Profile Management. Then you make a new profile and you can use any name for your new profile.


How to earn some money with Treasure Trooper

One of the oldest and most well-known gpt sites is There are many scams in the GPT industry and it’s always hard to find a good and legitimate GPT site you can rely on. Treasure Trooper is not a scamsite, it’s all legit. This is a website that gives you several money-making opportunities. In a few seconds you can register for free and then you can start make money right away. Here is how you can make money with Treasure Trooper: