Can I Earn Money Online?

Yes you can! There are many ways to make money on the internet. But don’t think you become rich while sleeping, everyone has to work for money, not fall asleep and get rich. There are so many websites that promise you being rich by buying a package worth about $25. You basically buy a package worthless piece of crap with   all smelly air. So forget about making money through this way, but there are really possibilities on the web to earn money. It all depends on your passion, ambition and desire to work. In a normal job with your employer you have to work all day long, this is also the same earning money online. It’s not making money but earn money for the things you are doing.
So what can you do  to earn in front of your desktop, many possibilities! Depends on what you want to do and how much time you want to spend. Many people do not have enough time because they have also a part-time or full-time job. What do you want to do? What is your passion? How much time do you want to spend? That varies from person to person. Do you want a hobby with a little extra income or want to create it as a fulltime job,  you should ask yourself. I can only give a few hints and discuss a few topics, decide for yourself …

Something to sell?

If you have something to sell,  you can do it through many websites or you start your own online store. There are two ways to offer your products on the Internet, at first sell it on marketplaces, eBay is the most famous. Many sites are for free and some other you pay for. If you want to start your own online store, the first things you need to do is register a domain name. It’s a pleasant to know if people can find your website on the Internet. Next, the site should be designed. You can ask a web designer who can create a site and design that suits your needs or you do it by yourself. How much it costs depends on what you want, a designer is more expensive compared doing it all by yourself. There are many open source shopping cart software available for building your own website, those are all free to download, more information in my article, open source software for a webshop.

Translator job

If you can speak multiple languages,  some translator sites offering translation jobs . Some are free for subscribe, others require you to pay before you receive translation jobs. Read more about translations jobs –>

Data entry

Another way to earn money is data entry, you read captchas, and you type it into a block underneath. A CAPTCHA is an image containing a series of letters or numbers from a field, it must be copied to the form to send. You see them regularly on blogs if you want a response, fill in contact forms and other conversion-oriented forms. I must say it doesn’t earn very much, the earnings are  about $1 per 1000 words and the flow is time by time slow. Read more about data entry jobs –>

Reading emails

Earn money by reading emails, is a kind of a sideline, you earn money by reading emails. They pay you  o.01 dollar per email and sometimes you have to fill in a few surveys, to earn extra. Some people are earning $ 100 a month for reading emails. read more about reading emails–>


Do Surveys. There are many websites that offer you money for doing survey. You must be careful choosing a site, because some survey sites do not pay. Good sites will give you money for every survey and extra if you get referrals. Read more about surveys–>


A blog, write about a particular topic that makes you interested and show the blog to other people, put Google adsence or affiliation. How much you earn depends on several factors such as how many visitors you attracts and what the time you will spend on your blog. You can subscribe to websites who are paying for every blog you made or create your own blog on your own host, but you must have your own domain. There are many open source software such as Wordpress,  you upload this software to your web server. This principle works the same as setting up a webshop.

MLM, Multi-Level Marketing

There are many different industries, they produce, sell products and services. These industries are using independent distributors (not employees) for these goods and services to recommend, promote and sell directly to consumers based on consumer needs. Here you can find more info about MLM –>


There are also opportunities to earn money for playing games, gamble, uploading photosYoutube or uploading files or software. You will not believe it but it’s true, earn money uploading software! Some websites pays for uploading software or movies to their website.  Try some poker sites but you move yourself in a dangerous area, you can lose money instead of earning.

Of course there are many more opportunities to earn money on the internet, this is only an impression of earning money on the web. First decide what you want to do. and how much time you want to spend on it, it’s not always necessary to invest to make money. It also depends on your interests, your budget and of course the time .