Call With Skype All Over The World

If you want to call over the internet or to a telephone network Skype is one of the best programs. Its a free software to download and provides voice connection via Internet (VoIP) coding. You can make free calls over the internet all over the world to other Skype users, subscribers can call to a telephone network. It also offers general instant messaging, video calling and conference communication up to 25 people.

The prices are already increasing using international calls, Skype to Skype is for free. Calling your family or friends on the other side of the world telling them some news, call them with no extra costs.You can add as many people in your contact list, including the phone number etc.


Calling to a telephone network has a low call rate and no peak time. The rates to many countries in Europe and the US are very low, lesser than $0.03 per minute. Calling to other countries and to Mobile networks are more expensive but still much cheaper compared to the telephone network.

With almost every connection speed you can call, dial-up speed is already enough. Using the video mode you need a faster connection, it need more bandwidth. When you want to talk to some friends at the same time, you can talk up to 25 friends at the same  time. Another nice feature is sending  instant messages and also SMS messages. Sending SMS to family or friends abroad is also much cheaper than your mobile cellphone.

Skype is available for operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also use it mobile with your Android, iPhone, Symbian or iPad. With Blueray and your TV it is possible to use Skype in the living room.

Skype has also a feature that allows to forwarding calls to any phone when you are offline.Other features are games, call recorder, add-ons for Outlook and Facebook. You can also see your Facebook wall directly in Skype.

In the Option window you can set some personal settings for your calls, SMS, Video Calls and sounds. You can test the microphone and speakers before calling, adjust the ringtone of Skype, video setting to show you cam only to friends or anybody. Also you can set the forwarding, voice mail and much more.

Skype is everything what you need for calling and video calling all over the world and for a cheap price. It’s free to download.

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