Building A Webshop With WordPress

wordpress logoStarting a website is to realize in different ways. However, using standard plug and play websites sometimes asking large amounts to pay if you want to start a web shop. A subscription yearly is needed many times, including a sub domain, and this can be a big disadvantage. This is for small entrepreneur high costs.
A cheaper solution is WordPress. This is a free open source platform that can create with relatively little cost a professional looking website or web shop. The only little disadvantage is that you should build the website by yourself.

What is WordPress

For building websites is WordPress, started in 2003, one of the world’s biggest open source platforms when it comes to building your own free website. WordPress started as a blog, but now depending on your own needs and requirements can create all kinds of websites. Simply extend your website to make it look like a professional website, and you can create multiple of them. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create a WordPress website also for non-technical persons. WordPress has many plug-ins available and you can choose and create your own theme in a couple of minutes.

Use WordPress as web shop

WordPress has many standard theme’s and plug-ins, beside that there are plug-ins available to create your own web shop within WordPress. This is a fully functional web shop, including payment options and with a professional look. WordPress is here only a platform which a web shop plug-in can be built.

To start building a web shop using WordPress you have to download WordPress and upload it to your server. After that follow the instructions and start to install the software. Once the installation is complete you can download different plug-ins within the admin area to start a web shop. The main plug-ins are available:

WP e-Commerce

Woo Commerce

Costs and options

WordPress an open source which mean that it is developed by volunteers and free to use for everybody. Depending on your personal needs you can download a plug-in for a web shop. Some plug-ins are free others you have to pay for. For example, a WooCommerce costs depending on the package $70 – $150. With this plug-in you will have in a few times a professional looking web shop. This is without the costs of the domain name and hosting.

A WordPress web shop has many options. You will have an overview of your orders and create reports, through email or telephone you can easy contact the customer. For the rest has a WordPress web shop payment options (such as PayPal, credit card or Ideal), simply add new items in your assortment, inventory overview, discount code, fixed and variable rates. If you install extra plug-ins you make it more functional. For example you can add social media buttons suck as   ‘Like’ buttons from Facebook or Twitter stream.

A WordPress Web shop is not difficult to install and it is very user-friendly, and not much technical background is needed. When you are interested you can download WordPress here.



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