Build a website for newbies

How do you start a Web site?

Before I start, I will first explain the difference  between the website and home page. Many people have the fact that they have created a homepage, but actually this  term is wrong. Homepage is actually the “front page” of your website. This  page is where the visitors enter your website. Mostly they call it index.html.  This page you use to start. All the other pages that you create is best to end with *. htm. Something like  secondpage.htm, thirdpage.htm etc. Make sure when you use pictures or other files you save them in a subfolder in the directory where you build your website on your computer. Some open source software you build the website online.

What software to use to build a website?

Many website builders, some are free others you have to pay for Joombla, Drupal, Xoops, Typo3,  Frontpage, Dreamweaver or Web! Here you find a list of open source Software to build you website. These  programs  allows you to build a website on a fairly simple way. It’s an easy way to build a webside just write your text and insert pictures. The HTML code is already generated. I you want to build a blog you can use Wordpress and for a webshop is osCommerce, Magento or Zen-Cart. Those software are open source software.

Where can i find free webspace?

You can choose to buy your own domain name or get a free webspace.If you are just starting, you might want to try on a free service so you can see if you really like the website. Webspace you can have for free at or  for building a website.

Images In Webpage

If you do not use images, the site looks boring, if you do use them then it could happen that if people are loading your website at takes a long time to load. To solve this, use a smaller size of your images. When the images are larger in KB (kilobytes), the longer it takes to load your page. And not everyone likes to wait ….. hooks off so many visitors! Use a *. jpg file if you are taking a photo. Do not use too many images on one page, and keep them always smaller than 15 Kb.

Text on the Web

Many people likes to write too much content (text)  on their website. If you have an issue where a lot of text to be used (eg this site), try it as logically and conveniently as possible to share. Work with paragraphs, and put a title above those paragraphs, as becomes clear where the text is about. Use reading friendly fonts like  Arial, Courier, Times New Roman, Verdana, Comic Sans MS.

Navigation, links

Navigation is nothing else than browsing the site. You can have all separate pages, and you don’t have a link to the other pages, nobody can find the pages.  This link can be a page within your site, or any other website on the big bad internet.

How to make a hyperlink?

In each site program will offer an option to create a hyperlink . But you can also do it fairly easy with HTML. A link you can make with using a hyperlink. A hyperlink is nothing more than a link to another page. Lejinternetplaza is  the link to my homepage and the html code is <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Lejinternetplaza</a>, the word target means that the page will open in a new window.

After  you know how to make a link, you will create a navigation bar. This is where you can find the links to others webpages. Make sure your navigation is clear, that everyone understands, and the links to other pages can easy to be found.

How do I transfer my website on the internet?

Once you have created a nice website on your computer, it’s time to show it to everyone. First install a FTP program. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This program can move (transfer) files to your website. This is called uploading. Fillezilla is an easy to use FTP software. Dreamweaver has his own build in remote server so you don’t need FTP software. Depending on the software you use you can also build your website online. Here is more info about using FTP software –>

How other people can find your website

Now your have build your website other people don’t know your website. Begin to tell your friends about your website, ask them if they like the setup of your website. Publish it on other websites  like blogs and forums, and if you want to make it a more professional you can submit your webpage to Google. Read also more about this in my article
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