Build Websites With Bluefish Editor Open Source Software

Bluefish is an open source editor for new starting and experienced web designers and programmers. This software  supports many programming languages, but is focused on creating dynamic and interactive websites.
Bluefish is a text editor that focuses on web designers and programmers. It contains several features that make writing web pages, scripts and programming code easier to design. The program supports python, php, html, java, sql, c, perl and css.
You can install Bluefish on different operating systems such as Ubuntu, Debian, Mac OSX, Fedora, AltLinux, Gentoo, Open Solaris and Windows.

Bluefish development started under a different name. A good and free text editor focused on web-development was not available that time and Olivier Sessink started the project ProSite. After a certain time, there were more developers involved in the project and then the name Bluefish rise up. Bluefish has a reputation as an excellent editor, with qualities such as stability, easy of use and numerous features. Bluefish is also small, fast and efficient, making it highly suitable for slow machines.


Installing Bluefish

Linux users can compile the program by themselves or by using apt-get install (Debian, Ubuntu) or emerge (Gentoo) install. Mac users can run fink install bluefish in the terminal. For Windows there is a setup wizard which takes a long time, because the installation of Bluefish get a lot of code libraries. After the installation, the start-up of the program is very fast.

The Bluefish interface looks clear and user-friendly. In a tab bar, above the code window, you will see common HTML elements which you can easily enter. That makes Bluefish particularly suitable as a web editor.

Bluefish Pros and Cons


  • It’s free and open source.
  • Search and replace is fast.
  • The start-up is fast.
  • It has a good GUI (graphical user interface).
  • It has templates for HTML5.
  • Quick HTML start button.


  • The installation in windows is very difficult.
  • Limited DOCTYPES.

Bluefish is particularly recommended for starting programmers because you are not overwhelmed by incomprehensible options. If you want to perform a specialized operations, you may have certain limitations.

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