BitDefender Free Antivirus Software

BitDefender logoEverybody needs a good protection against viruses from the internet or external drives. Without any protection threats can easily access your computer. To have an antivirus on your computer is a must for everybody and nobody can say it’s too expensive, there are  many free antivirus software available. BitDefender Free Edition is an antivirus program which protects your computer against all kind of viruses. It also protects you against phishing, this is a dangerous form of Internet fraud. Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus software which gives you a good protection. Same as other BitDefender products, the free edition use the same  ICSA Labs certified scanning engines. This gives you a good protection with no extra costs. BitDefender Free Antivirus is an on-demand antivirus, which is best used in a system recovery or forensics role.

Beside the on-demand feature, it is possible to make a scheduled scanning, so you can let your computer scan during off hours. BitDefender Free Antivirus has no real-time protection, but when you insert any external drive  it will ask you first if you want to scan before using it. For more features BitDefender has paid versions such as: Antivirus Plus, Internet Security and Total Security. With the free version you can make a full system scan or scan a certain folder. This is possible through the BitDefender interface or just right-click on the folder or file in Windows explorer. The virus updates will be done automatically, another option is to do it manually to get the latest virus updates right away.

BitDefender Free Antivirus

Threats which has been detected will be moved in quarantine. When the virus is in quarantine it is still on your computer but can’t harm the system anymore, it is fully isolated. The infected files you can sent to Bitdefender Labs for further analysis. Once you open the interface you have a nice overview of all important items: Documents scan, Custom scan, Live Update, Quarantine, Reports and Help & support.

BitDefender Free Antivirus gives a good protection for free, which can compete with other free antivirus software such as PcTools, Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Avira and Avast. Disadvantage: it doesn’t protect you against spyware and has no real-time protection. All the detected infections will be moved to quarantine and you can’t remove them right away. Download this software from



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