How To Transfer Large Files With Binfer

binferBinfer is an application for sending large files, this software sends and receives files between your computer directly to your friend or family, so its not uploading to a hosting server. It supports all file types such as videos, photos and documents. Binfer is fast and easy to use, private, practical and time saving, a good alternative for FTP and web upload.
Sometimes is sending large file times-consuming, Binfer makes sharing files simple and fast. It is sending files of any size, type and quantity. If the transmission is interrupted for any reason, it will automatically be resumed.

You can easily import contacts from Outlook or simply type the name and email address, then drag and drop files. Once the recipients starts their computer, the files will be transferred directly from your computer to the recipient. Transferring files goes in this way is fast and private.

The files are sent directly using private file sharing technology (P2P or peer to peer), and they are not stored on a server. Only you and your recipients do know what has been sent, so you have full control over your data transfer. Binfer is a maintenance free application with no footprints, which is also based on data exposure.

Download and using Binfer

Go to to download the trial version, there are 4 download options:

  • Webinstaller, using Java plugin and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Exe installer, an executable file which is only for Windows available.
  • Zip installer, just dowload this file and start the binfer.bat on Windows and on Unix/Linux/Mac.
  • Jar installer, this file you can save on your computer and run it with java. If its not running go to the command prompt/terminal and go to the folder and type  type javaw -jar binfer.jar.
Download Binfer

I used the web installer, it takes a short time to download the program.
Download Binfer
After the program is finished with downloading click the Run button to start the program.
Install Binfer
In the next windows you have to create a new account. Fill in your name, email address, password and choose a question and fill in the answer. The question and answer you need when you forgot your password.  Read the Terms of Service and when you agree tick the box and click the Create Button.
Binfer create account

binfer system tray

Once Binfer is running you can see an icon in the system tray, use the mouse button to open the interface.

Go first to the Settings tab to locate your download folder, if you prefer the default folder dont change anything. Also here you can enter a promo code and change other settings.
binfer 2
Now you are ready to make your first file transfer. Click on the New message tab to create your first email, it works the same as all other email programs. Fill in the To field the email address of the recipient and in the Subject field the topic of the message. There is a space to type a message. In the Files area you can add files using the Add button or simply using the drag and drop method, its possible to send files up to 250 MB.  You have to wait untill the recipient will go online to get the file, if he received the file you will see it in the outbox.

If you want to send bigger files it is possible to make an upgrade, there are many plans  available starting with 1GB ($099) up to 150 GB ($19.99 per month). We have have a 20% Discount Promo of different plans.

Binfer plans

Go to for downloading the trial version and tranfer files with a maximum of 250MB. Later on you can always decide if you want to buy a plan for transferring bigger file size. This program is easy to use which you can compare with Instamailer only Binfer is using P2P instead of uploading to a server.

Features Binfer

  • Drag and drop hundreds of files.
  • Files are transferred directly from computer to computer.
  • Interrupted transfers are automatically resumed.
  • AES 128 bit encryption.
  • No malware, spyware or advertisements.
  • Keep track of what you have sent and to whom.
  • View detailed transfer status.
  • Customize with more than 20 skins.
  • Chat.

System Requirements

  • Java 1.6 or later.
  • Binfer account.
  • Windows, mac or Linux.

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