AVG Antivirus Free Software, To Protect against Virus and Spyware

One of the best free Antivirus software at this moment is AVG Antivirus, it is simple to use and very safe. Every file which comes from the internet or external drive, will be scanned before entering the computer. AVG Antivirus makes the virus very difficult to infect your computer. It will update almost every day to protect you against the latest viruses, and your computer every day but you can change the time and date manually.

To use AVG Antivirus you have to download the software first. After downloading you can start installing. During the installation it will ask to read the License Agreement which you have to read very carefully. After accepting AVG will check the files and install the software, if you have already installed AVG Antivirus you have also the choise to repair and add or remove components. Choose the option which you want and select Next. Then you have another option to choose from: Standard Installation or Custom Installation. More experienced users choose Custom Installation, otherwise its better to choose Standard Installation. In the next window there is an option to install AVG Internet Security Toolbar, it’s up to you to install this toolbar in your browser. Click on Next and Finish, AVG Antivirus will start the installation. It takes a while to install the whole software, when the installation is ready click on Finish. Now AVG is installed on your  computer.

After the installation, AVG is starting the wizard. It will ask you first if you want to make a full scan every day, it is up to yourself if you want to make a full scan every day. It is not necessary because AVG will scan all the incoming files from the internet, email, external drives etc. And also, the computer will be slower when you are doing the full system scan. Next AVG will ask you if you want to sent a feedback about the software, if you choose yes you will help them to improve the software. Now AVG will ask you to update, click on Yes so you will have right away the latest database with all the new viruses. Every day there are new virus and spyware so it is a must to do it. At last AVG will ask you to register your software, this is not very necessary.

AVG Antivirus Free

How to use AVG Antivirus

Change the schedule of the system scan

In the standard settings AVG Antivirus will make every day a full system scan, but like I said is this not really necessary. So the first thing we have to do is changing the scan schedule. If you prefer to keep the daily system scan than skip this part. First open AVG Antivirus user interface (AVG is already running), double-click on the AVG icon in the system tray. In the AVG interface click on Tools –>Advanced settings from the drop-down menu. On the left side select Schedules and Scheduled scan. On the right side you can set the scan schedule, there are choices like once a week. If you want it once a week, select the day and time you want to scan. Another option is to scan every time you start your computer.

Update AVG manually

To make a manual update of your database, go to the user interface and on the left side click on the Update button. AVG will check if there are updates available and if yes,  it will start to download and install. Once it is finished you see a message that the update has been completed.

Scan certain folders or files with AVG

If you want to scan only one or more folders or files, go to Windows Explorer and search for the folder you want to scan. Once you found the folder or file right-mouse click on it and select Scan with AVG. Avg will scan now the file or folder for viruses and spyware.

AVG Antivirus will protect you against Viruses and Spyware, it has an Email Scanner, Link Scanner and Resident Shield. The Email scanner scans all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses, once it found an infection it will bring it in quarantine. The Link scanner has a surf and search shield which protects you against harmful web and search content. The Resident Shield scans files if they are copied, opened and saved and prevents activation if the threat will be found. It also provides essential protection of the system areas of the computer.


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