How To Use Avast Free Antivirus Software For full Protection

Avast-logoAvast is a free antivirus software, which gives you a full protection against viruses, spyware and rootkits. It protects you all the time against infections from the internet. So when you are browsing, chatting and downloading you don’t have to be afraid for threats. It has also has a build in mail scanner. This mail scanner protects you against threats from incoming and outgoing mail. With the automatic update your computer will be updated all the time. Avast is only for home use, not for commercial use. For commercial use you need the paid version with some extra features. Avast is available in multiple languages. The advantage of avast! compared as AVG is that the program uses less memoryand therefore less stress your PC. Keep in mind: if you want to use the free version for a longer time, you have to register the software within 30 days.

How to download and install Avast!


The software can be downloaded at On the website click on the upper navigation bar on Home, here you can download 3 versions: the Home Edition, Pro Antivirus and Internet security. The Home Edition is for free, to download this click on the left Download button. A pop-up window will open asking you to buy the Pro version, click on No thanks, I want free protection. In a new window click on the green Download button and save the setup file in the folder you want.

The setup starts with a welcome screen, and asking you to close all other running programs. In the next window you can enable Participate in the Avast! Community, if you wish to anonymously forward certain security-related information for more accurate detection of viruses, spyware and malware. For more information read first the Privacy Policy. Now you have choices between Express and Custom installation. The express installation is already enough, if you have more experience, choose Custom Installation. In the Custom mode you can change the destination folder, language and which Shield you want to enable. Disable the Custom button for Express mode and click Next. Now you will be asked to install Google Chrome, if Chrome is already installed disable all of them. Enable Yes, also install google Chrome, if you wish to install this browser. enable Make Google Chrome my default browser, if you wish to use Chrome as your default browser accessing  the internet. After making a system restore point, it takes about a couple of minutes until the installation is finished. Click Finish to exit the set-up of Avast!

How to use Avast!


On the right-top of the window you see the button Settings, here you can change the program settings. For example in the Basic tab, you can disable the graphical effects to have a better system performance. In the Exclusions tab, you can set the folders which won’t be scanned during the realtime scan.
To start to make a full system scan, click on the left side on Scan computer and Scan now. To make a full system scan of your whole computer select the Start button beside Full system scan. Another option is to choose a folder or external drive which you want to scan. In the Real-time tab you have an overview of all the protection shields.

This software protects you against all kind of Viruses, Malware and Spyware in real-time. which means the threat will be catched before you have an infection on your computer. Avast! antivirus will protect you against attacks from the internet, email and external drives all for free!

Avast! you can compare with Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Avira and Ad-aware. The only thing lacking in Avast is the scheduled scan feature.




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