How To Auto Log-in To Facebook With Your Yahoo Or Google Account

Have you ever thought you can login automatically if you have a Google, Yahoo or MySpace account? When you have logged in your Google account using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, you can also go your Facebook account without entering your username and Password. This makes it much easier to use your Facebook. For example, you’re working in Google Docs and decide to open Facebook in another tab, there is no sign-in screen anymore, you’re right away in your account.

It’s possible to let your browser remember your password, but if you’re at work or other open places you can’t save the password in your browser. There is another way to open your Facebook account without entering your login name and password. Facebook has a feature to help you keeping your password even it’s not saved in your browser. You can do that in Facebook, you make a link to another account. Once you have the account, like Google or Yahoo, linked to Facebook you don’t have to enter your username and password anymore.

Steps to use auto Log-in for Facebook

In a few easy steps you can change the settings in Facebook to make it auto log-in.

  • Go to the Facebook website like you’re always doing, and enter you username and password.
  • Click on the upper-right side of the screen on the triangle, it’s located beside the Home button.
  • Then select Account settings.
  • Now you’re in  the window General Account Settings. Here you edit your Name, Username, Email, Password etc.
  • Click on Edit beside Linked Accounts and select the account you want to use and select Link  New Account.
  • A new screen will open as, asking you to enter your Facebook password, click on Confirm.
  • Facebook will ask permission for the account information you have linked. Once you have done that you can log-in automatically to Facebook if you have sign in to the linked account.
Keep in mind when you are doing this, it make it easier for hackers to hack your account. When they know your Google (or other link accounts)  log-in details, they know also your Facebook password. So they can also hack your Facebook account. Think twice to do this.


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