Angry Birds On Facebook

One day earlier than expected Angry Birds is available on Facebook. This  very popular game can be played now on the biggest social network worldwide. Since the launch of Angry Birds in december 2009, the game has been downloaded over 700 million times. With the start of the Facebook app, they expect the 700 million will increase dramatically.

It supposed to start on February 14 2012, but they made it one day earlier. Actually the launch should be this summer, but they couldn’t reach the time.

The game will get a number of innovations compared to the smart phone versions of Angry Birds, which have been downloaded millions of times.

The Facebook app has the same addictive gameplay as on touch screen devices. The game is now equipped with exclusive Facebook-levels, new power-ups and a social media component.

Additional in the Facebook app is playing with friends by the introduction of online rankings. Moreover, there are power-ups added to the game such as special birds or an earthquake. These power-ups can be earned by reaching certain goals in the game, but can also be purchased for 99 cents.

Angry Birds coming to Facebook!


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