Alternative Email Clients For Outlook

One of the most widely used email client in the world is Outlook, which comes with Microsoft’s Office suite. Outlook has more features compared with Outlook Express, which is the standard email client in Windows. Some people wants to try some other email clients, the reason could be the expensive price of Microsoft Office or simply they want to try something else. There are other emails clients which can make a good competition with Outlook, some are free and the usability and interface are the same or even better.


One of the most famous alternative is perhaps Thunderbird, which is a project of Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird is available as a stand-alone client, but it also come together with Seamonkey, an Open Source total package that also includes HTML editor, IRC client and a browser. Thunderbird is a desktop email client to download, reply and send messages from your computer. The user-friendly interface supports POP, IMAP, and SMTP which makes it possible to integrate Yahoo! mail, Hotmail/Live and Gmail. Thunderbird has everything what a computer user needs including themes and extensions.  This program is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.


Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is an email client that exist already for more than twenty years. It became less popular because Microsoft included in the operating system Outlook express. The interface of Pegasus Mail didn’t change much in all those years, still the calendar and news reader is missing so this programs is only good for using email. This program can handle the protocols SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, and PH so it can be used for any free mail account like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. Pegasus Mail is still the safest email program that exists: it is not sensitive for viruses, use no scripts, it’s not opening potentially dangerous attachments and is equipped with phishing detection. Pegasus Mail is only available for Windows.

Pegasus mail

Zimbra Desktop

Less popular but still a strong alternative for Outlook is Zimbra Desktop, some people appreciate this email client more than Thunderbird. Zimbra Desktop has some interesting features. The auto-configuration makes it easier for you to integrate your Yahoo!, Hotmail/Live and Gmail account. Zimbra Desktop also provides supports working offline (cache-IMAP), so you can access your e-mails without Internet access. It also has integrated social networks such as Twitter, Digg and Facebook. Zimbra Desktop is an Open Source software which is totally free, works on Windows, Mac and Linux desktop computers and is available in 20 languages.

Zimbra desktop

Opera mail

Opera scores compared to other free email clients the best. Opera can import almost everything properly except Outlooks pst files and Lotus. Exporting will be done by their own mbs format. The calendar and task list are 2 important features that are missing, advantage is that Opera mail is supporting categories (labels). Opera Mail also includes a self-learning spam filter that automatically detects spam and put them in a separate folder. When you move e-mail to the spam folder, Opera Mail is trying to learn so it will better recognize the spam in the future. The low-bandwidth mode is designed for having a slow or poor internet connection. When you enable this function only the necessary information is downloaded to your e-mail client. Opera Mail is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, phones and tablets and comes together with Opera web browser which also includes RSS feed.

Opera mail

Free Mail Commander

Free Mail Commander is a free alternative email client for Outlook which is suitable for (older) laptops or other devices with lesser system equipment. No installation is needed and the file size is only 5 MB that makes it possible to run Freemail Commander from a USB stick. The interface is simple but there are templates available. While other alternative email clients are limited to 3, you can create and categorize unlimited new templates. Free Mail Commander includes anti-spamfilter, it supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and is only available for Windows.

Free mail commander


Incredimail is an email program with many options. The appearance of the program looks almost the same as Outlook. The same as any email program you can use Incredimail to send emails, but it has also many features: it has a large selection of backgrounds for the e-mails, able to add many animations and there is a choice of different email detectors. A detector is a sound or animation types that flash across your screen when there is new mail. In this way Incredimail provides a funny way of sending and checking email. Incredimail has a colorful appearance and there are some skins included to choose from. Same as all the other email clients does Incredimail supports POP, IMAP and SMTP too.


eM Client

eM Client may be compared with Microsoft Outlook in terms of functionality. The program is not only limited to e-mail, it also offers extensive agenda management and a separate section for contacts. eM Client supports POP, IMAP and SMTP to integrate your Hotmail/Live, Yahoo! and Gmail accounts. The advantages of eM Client you can find in the interface, a very convenient sidebar which shows your recently sent and received messages, also appears here the address book. A clear and very easy to use calendar make it complete. eM Client supports import from various email clients like MS Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird. Another nice feature is that Google Translate engine is fully integrated in eM client. This email client is only available for windows.








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