Advanced SystemCare For Cleaning And Maintenance Your Computer

Advanced SystemCare Free is a multi-functional program to clean up and optimize your computer. With one click you can check, repair, optimize, protect, delete temporary files and limited check for spyware. Advanced System Care gives your computer on an easy way a full check-up.

Advanced SystemCare Free is a all-in-one program for the maintenance of your computer. It performs many different activities to clean up and optimize your computer.


First you’ll need to download Advanced SystemCare Free. After downloading, double-click the downloaded file and start the installation. Always keep in mind when you install things, uncheck the particular free software which comes sometimes together with the program, such as toolbars. Please read what it says, you only need the program you’re looking for and not the additional software they are offering you, mostly this will pollute your computer.

After installing starts the program and in the main window are four choices: Quick Care, Deep Care, Toolbox and Turbo Boost on/off, which let your computer run faster. Unexperienced users are advised to use the Quick Care only. Deep Care and all the tools are more for advanced computer users.

Advanced System Care main window

Deep care

It is advisable to do the first scan with Deep Care, click on it and a new window will open. In this screen click on Scan Now. If you want to perform optimization options immediately after the scan, click on the right side of the Scan Now button on the arrow and select Scan and Repair. The other option provides the ability to influence the cleanup. You can check and decide by yourself what you want to do. When you click on Deep Scan for the first time, it can take a while before everything is ready. This depends on the speed of the computer but also on the dirty things what he found. Its consuming a lot of time using the defragment option which you can find at the bottom of the list, but you can uncheck this to make the scan shorter. However, it is advisable to defragment your disk regularly, so uncheck this only if you have other tools for fragmentation. If you run Deep Care regularly, for example once a week, the defragment will be shorter compared to the first time and the whole process runs faster.

Deep Care

Deep Care


In the Toolbox area you’ll find other useful items, such as uninstaller where you can uninstall programs and clean up remaining folders and registry. Also in the toolbox is also the System Control, where you can adjust some things manually to optimize your Windows system.


System Control


On the right upper corner in the main windows is the button More, which will open the Settings window of Advanced SystemCare Free. Here you can adjust the program to your own needs. The default settings of version 5 is already good enough.


The settings for Privacy Sweep you can customize to your own wishes. You can choose for example to keep your saved passwords, keep Cookies or your Internet history. Advisable is to check Cookies and Internet history, it gives you much more free disk space. For safety its better to clean  the Passwords.

Privacy Sweep


Registry cleaner:

Clean up internet and user tracks for better privacy.
Delete temporary files, Windows, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Remove spyware, ( it is removing spyware but not specialized).


Disk Defragment.
Monitoring of suspicious Windows settings (malware).
Immunization against certain spyware
Optimization and repair system.
Real-time optimization with ActiveBoost function.

Advanced System Care cleans your PC quickly and has many additional tools. The free version does not allow to scan automatically, only manually. With the paid version you can schedule tasks and it has an Internet Booster. Advanced System Care is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000, in multiple languages.


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