Add Subtitles To Your Divx Movie With AVIAddXSubs

In this tutorial I will show you how to add subtitles to you divx movie. You have downloaded a nice movie in another language and you want to have a subtitle or you want a subtitle in your own language you can easily do this. Once you have done this you can burn it on a dvd and play it on your stand alone dvd player or home cinema set. The easiest and fastest way is download a subtitle file, *.srt file and put it in the same folder as your *.avi file. you have 2 separate files, make sure the 2 files has the same name, for example movie.avi and Now you can burn it and play it on your pc or home cinema set.

Most of the stand alone dvd players and home cinema sets shows the subtitle in a standard font, sometimes it happen that the fonts are small or it is white without a black border, and with a white background you can’t read the font anymore.

Make subtitles using AVIAddXSubs

With AVIAddXSubs you can easy convert videos, this free subtitle program to subtitle videos will convert a *.srt file and *.avi together as a divx file and playable in all stand alone dvd players. It’s also useful if your stand alone player cannot read *.srt files. You have a variety of options to configure like the fonts, position, outline, color, font size and more.

There are 2 subtitle formats, the XSUB format and the idx/sub format. The Xsub format is mostly a *.srt file, this is only one subtitle language. The idx/sub format has a pair of files with one extension called idx and the other called sub. these are a couple of files with a multiple language pack and supports avi, mkv and mp4. Make sure your stand alone player supports it.

This program converts in a few minutes (1 or 2 minutes) and will not re-encode the video file, it only add the subtitle into the video. Make sure that you put the *srt file and the *avi file in  the same folder. After converting the final video will be renamed in *.divx ( the * is the name of your video). I have to make a note, after you convert the video you can see the subtitle only with the Divx player, not with Media Player Classic or Windows Media Player on your pc. This software is intended for a stand alone player or home cinema sets, for using on your pc, you can download the divx player at


How to start converting

First download aviaddxsubs at, after downloading unzip the zip file, you can do that with for example Winzip, and save it in a separate folder. Make a shortcut of AVIAddXSubs.exe to your desktop and you are ready to use the converting program.

Once you open the program you will see the main screen, here you can add your input file, for example a srt, avi or idx file and set the output folder. You can also add more than one file, if  you have more than  one files to convert.





In the second window, configuration1, you can set up the language code, character settings, font, font size, color and the width. Also you can set the line up to the left, right or centre and the sub width. If you have multiple srt files you can name them into *.srt-en, *.srt-de, *.srt-fr or *.srt-nl, depending of  the subtitle language. You can add 8 different srt subtitle files and 1 idx/sub file. In the configuration 2 tab you can change more settings.

After converting you can delete the srt file, so it’s not confusing anymore, make also sure that you will not burn the srt file on your dvd.

Watch the video on the stand alone player works the same as another dvd, you can change or turn off the subtitle language using the subtitle button on your remote control.


Where can i find subtitles

You can find many site where you can download subtitle files, the files are small and easy to download:

  • (dutch)

Here you find more information about converting Dvd to Divx / Xvid