How To Add Emoticons / Smileys In Gmail

Gmail has a feature to activate some extra emoticons which can be very useful to show your emotions into an email message to make it more powerful. It’s a very nice utility to show emotions so the email doesnt look too simple or business minded. Some people overuse those emoticons to put them between some text, such as the lol and rofl. Emotions are very nice to use and there are many available. For those who are interested in using emoticons I will explain how to make them available in Gmail.

In a few steps you can enable emoticons in Gmail. First log into your Gmail account with your username and password. On the right upper side in Gmail you see a wheel, when you click on it a pop-up window will open, choose here Settings.

Gmail settings

Once the Settings page is open click on the Labs tab.

Gmail settings

On the Labs page type in the search bar emo and click on Search. Now you see as first the name Extra Emoji, click beside the Extra Emoji lab on enable and click on Save changes.

Gmail Labs

Now you’re finished and have some extra emoticons available when you compose your message in Gmail. As you can see in the Labs page, there are many extra experimental features available. Those features are not set as default in Gmail, you can try some of them and if you don’t like them anymore you can easily disable them again.


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