Add Embed Video To Your Website

People who having a website or a blog wants to add an embedded video to their blog or website. Many websites offering an embed code to share their movie, so you can place it on your website. Before it was not that easy as nowadays, the bandwidth is much faster now, everybody can easy watch online a video. The most common video formats are the .flv which is provided by for example YouTube, the other format is Flash Player.

How to add a video to your website or blog

Embedding a video to your website is very easy, you only need a HTML-code and you paste it somewhere on your website. There are  many sites that host videos, such as YouTube and Flickr, on those sites you can watch videos or small movies online, there is also an option to watch it in full-screen, in just one click on the button of the player like you can see below…

Now I show you a video from YouTube  inserted here in this post, the embed code is <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Now I will explain how to add the code to your website. I will use YouTube here, but it is for all the other websites the same with embedding videos. Below the video you see a share button, after you click the share button you see the embed button…

You see below the embed code, this code you just copy and paste it to your website or blog and then your already finished…


Changing the video look and features

Now you can change some settings of the videos, it’s a nice feature to change the size of the video. When you select a size by clicking the link button for a particular size, the HTML code in the Embed box is updated. For more info about making a website you can find here. The videos are working with the most common web browsers like Firefox, MSIE, Chrome or Opera.

Another feature is sharing with social media sites, blog and other sites, below the Facebook button you can click for more sharing devices, you will see something like here below…

You can choose between different Social Media, once you choose one of them another window will open and is asking for permission to access one of your social networking accounts. There you can also add the video on walls, pages or blogs, so you can share it with your friends and family.

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