Add a SWF or embed game to your website

There are many websites where you can play games online, games are usually small, the so-called flash games. It’s fun to do, and there are many available on the net. Playing flash games is a nice way to entertain yourself and keeping yourself busy. The reason why it is so nice to do, there are thousands of games on the net available varying from adventure, sports, racing, shooting arcade, and more. Those games are easy to play and it cost nothing and no worrying, just have a great time. Another good thing is you don’t need to have a big space available on your hard disk. The size of a flash game is very small en you can play it anywhere on your web browser. If you are an owner of a website and you want to collect your favourite games and share it with friends or others on the internet many, websites have an option to copy an HTML code or embed code and insert it to your website. Another way to put the games on your website is downloading a zip file that contains the HTML code, swf file and also a thumbnail picture.

How to insert a game to your website

Now the question is how to place a flash game on your website. This is not so difficult. I’ll give you a couple of websites that includes an HTML code:


Some websites showing an embed code or HTML-code
of that game, just copy that code and paste it somewhere on your website.
Other website like offers also to download the full game including swf files, and HTML code. Pick a game and download it, save the zip file on your hard disk. After you have saved it on your hard disk, you need to extract the game files out of the compressed zip file, to do this you can browse to the folder where you just saved the download. To open and extract a zip file you could use win zip. Once you unzipped the files you will have a SWF (Game) file, an HTML file with the example code, and a thumbnail pictures on your computer.
Most web host providers provide you a way to upload files, this could be a FTP account or a web-based file manager.
Upload the flash game swf file/image files to your website. Now you have to open the *.HTML file to find the codes to copy/paste to your website. It is important to copy the html codes to a file that’s on the same location where you copied the flash game SWF file too.