How To Get 5GB Cloud Storage With Google Drive

Finally Google comes with the in the cloud service Drive. With Google Drive you get a 5 Gb free online storage which you can use together with Google Docs. For $2.50 per month you can expand up to 25 GB. Google Drive is actually Google Docs and has the possibility to work together online on documents and store them online. The same as Microsoft Skydrive you can synchronize you computer with other devices. Microsoft recently renewed Skydrive but Google had no alternative.

Go to to get stared with your free 5 GB Drive account. When you’re new in Google Drive a welcomes message will pop-up telling you that Drive is your new home for your Google Docs files and folders. Click the button Try Google Drive to start this service.

Welcome message

As you can see below the name Documents is changed in the navigation bar into Drive.

Gdrive main window

Next you have to install the Google Drive software to synchronize your computer with Drive online. Click on Download Google Drive in the left navigation and a new tab will open asking to read the terms of service. Read carefully and click next on the blue button to Accept and Install. Tick the box if you want to help Google to make the product better by sending statistic and crash reports automatically to Google.

Install Google Drive

Now it’s ready for downloading and installing the program, depending on your internet connection it takes only one one two minutes. A new icon appeared in the System tray, double-click on it to sign in your account. The only thing what you have to do is to sync the files, this works the same as Dropbox. Now you’re ready to use Google Drive. Drag and drop your files to the Google drive folder and it will be synchronized with your Drive online. The files are ready for sharing.

System tray

Google Drive keyboard shortcut

Google likes to work with keyboard shortcuts for their web services. They are popular and that’s why Google Drive also supports  keyboard shortcuts. Try some of them so you can work and navigate faster with Google Drive.


  • Create new menu: c
  • Display actions menu: a
  • Display view menu: v
  • Display sort menu: r
  • Display upload menu: u
  • Go to navigation panel: g and then
  • Go to details pane: g and then d
  • Go to document list: g and then i

Create New

  • Create a new text document: Shift+t
  • Create a new collection: Shift+d
  • Create a new drawing: Shift+c
  • Create a new spreadsheet: Shift+s
  • Create a new presentation: Shift+p


  • Open item: o
  • Share: .
  • Organize: z


  • Select all: Shift+a
  • Go to and highlight next item: j
  • Go to and highlight previous item: k



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