12 Reasons To Use Linux Instead Of Windows

LinuxMicrosoft made themself stronger and stronger and almost everybody is using Windows as operating system on the computer. For every computer you need a license to use Windows and all the extra software you have to pay for. Good thing there are another options to use your computer without paying for software. Linux is an Open Source software which is developed by volunteers and made for everybody.

All kind of software are available and all for free. Gimp is a photo editing software which has almost the same features as Photoshop. OpenOffice.org is the same as Microsoft Office an office package . Seamonkey is a total package with Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (mail and news), Kompozer (wysiwyg html editor) and Chatzilla an integrated IRC client which let you chat on the IRC network.

Another advantage is that Linux is still unknown by many people and that is for Virus, Spyware and Malware developers not interesting enough to make software for it. With no anti-virus software running on it runs Linux faster than Windows.

Linux pinguins

12 reasons to choose Linux

  • Linux is very instructive.
  • With Linux you can browse safer on the internet compared to Windows, because there are no viruses existing for Linux.
  • Many software for Linux is free and doesn’t need to be hacked to use it.
  • Linux is user-friendly and many functions are available.
  • Linux is not scary, it’s easy and fun and you can do much more than you think.
  • Using this Open Source software will make the Linux platform directly or indirectly stronger, bigger companies will come to Linux.
  • Linux is nowadays more and more a full integrated desktop system, and you can do almost the same things as Windows.
  • Not so much system maintenance. No hassle with Anti-virus, Malware, Adware software and rootkit revealer.
  • Anti-virus software is not necessary, more memory remain available for other things.
  • Linux can still run on older computers where Windows fails.
  • When you use Linux you will be independent to Microsoft, no more expensive licenses to buy.
  • If you use Windows XP you did maybe notice there are no security updates anymore, if you have to buy an upgrade then maybe its time to try Linux.

Linux operating systems

Nobody will switch operating system right away, you know already how to use your Windows. Maybe you spend a lot of money for all the software you installed. But for sure trying Linux is a learning process. There are different Linux operating systems available; Ubuntu, Knoppix, Redhat, CentOS, Fedora project, Opensuse, Linux Mint, Debian and much more.

Linux operating systems

Ubuntu is most well-known, which I also prefer to use. It is easy to install and there is every 6 month an update. If you are thinking to try Ubuntu, there is an option to run it beside Windows. Using Wubi you can install Ubuntu under Windows. When you boot the computer you will see in the beginning a screen to choose the operating system you want to use. So this doesnt mean that you have to remove Windows to try Ubuntu, just try it beside Windows and if you’re not satisfies you can always remove it again.


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