Setup in a few steps PPTP VPN on Android

What is VPN and why using it

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a group of computers that allows users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. A business use VPN for connecting to remote data centers, while individuals use VPN to access the internet secured so they can enter untrusted public networks without any risk. Many are using VPN to access websites which are inaccessible with own IP addresses, because of the access restricted. Others are using VPN to watch streaming content which are forbidden to watch outside a certain country.

Building A Webshop With WordPress

wordpress logoStarting a website is to realize in different ways. However, using standard plug and play websites sometimes asking large amounts to pay if you want to start a web shop. A subscription yearly is needed many times, including a sub domain, and this can be a big disadvantage. This is for small entrepreneur high costs.
A cheaper solution is WordPress. This is a free open source platform that can create with relatively little cost a professional looking website or web shop. The only little disadvantage is that you should build the website by yourself.

5 Alternatives For Chrome, Chromium Browsers

ChromiumGoogle Chrome is still getting more market share and they deserve that, but there are advantages and disadvantage. The Privacy Policy is a problem for many internet users, also a discussion is the unique Google ID that they send together with every Chrome user. But there are also alternatives for Chrome with almost the same advantages, such as the speed, without using the disadvantages.

What Is A Keylogger And Why To Use It

A keylogger is a program which you can download online. It is used to register keystrokes or mouse movements of a particular computer user. A keylogger is used for spying. You can install it on the computer and keep it hidden for everyone. The keylogger will record every keystroke, and this information ends up in a folder that you’ve chosen. It is used to retrieve MSN passwords, find out conversations and to find out what other persons are doing on your computer.

Cloud Service: Connect Facebook And Google Drive To Dropbox With Wappwolf

WappwolfWappwolf makes it possible to connect Picasa, Facebook, Flickr and more online software services in the cloud with Dropbox. Simply drag and drop files into a predefined folder and Dropbox automatically convert and synchronize to your favorite cloud services. The full list of cloud services that synchronizes Wappwolf is long, a few of them are Google Drive, Cloud Google Print, Amazon Kindle, Slideshare, Twitter, Facebook , Picasa, Down Cale and SugarSync.